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Charlie Tebele

Charles L. Tebele is a Technology Entrepreneur, Community Advocate, and Philanthropist.  

Early Career  


Charlie Tebele began his career in the Computer and Technology business. In 1990, he founded, along with his brothers Elliot and Jeffrey, Rockwell Computer and Software. A startup, Rockwell was a leader in the new and emerging space of computer retailing, and it quickly grew to become one of the largest computer retailers in the country. By the late nineties, Mr. Tebele developed, managed, and operated scores of retail stores in New York City. In 1995, Crain’s New York Business recognized Charlie as a Top 40 Under 40 Executive.  


Rockwell later transitioned to the RCS brand and spun off its various divisions, including RCS Computer Experience, RCS Professional Services, and Unplug-it.  


RCS was a leader in the tech retail space and developed lasting partnerships with the world's largest and most influential tech brands, including Apple, Microsoft, and Intel. In the late 90s, RCS co-developed with Apple the first iteration of the current Apple retail stores within its own stores in Manhattan.  


During his time at Rockwell and RCS, Charlie also served on the editorial advisory boards of Computer Retail Week and Computer Reseller News.  


Charlie Tebele – Digital Gadgets  


In 2007, Charlie formed Digital Gadgets, a company focused on manufacturing and distributing technology products to major retailers.  


In partnership with Intel, Tebele formed the Sylvania computer brand and launched the first "Netbook" Computers into the US mass market channel, which Digital Gadgets then distributed.  


Today, Digital Gadgets ships millions of orders for its retailers, direct to their consumers, using its "Dynamic Bundling" process and has been the largest seller in the direct response retail channel, surpassing over $2 billion in sales to QVC, in addition to its vast portfolio with HSN, TSC, Zulily, Walmart, and Amazon. Charlie has also served on the Vendor Advisory Board for QVC and the Vendor Council of HSN.   


In 2020, Digital Gadgets launched a medical supplies business, Digital Gadgets Medical, that distributes and manufactures critical products. Digital Gadgets Medical was instrumental in providing over 30 government entities with critical PPE and testing during the COVID-19 pandemic. In 2022, Digital Gadgets Medical announced a partnership with Northwell Health, New York's largest healthcare provider, whereby it will develop a broad array of medical and surgical products bearing the Northwell Health brand.  

Real Estate, Financing, and Aviation  


Tebele leads a sprawling real estate business, Starman Development. Starman focuses on industrial properties and residential rentals. In 2022, Starman launched its affordable housing unit and has made a significant investment in the space, working with local governments and HUD, providing much-needed solutions while helping municipalities address this urgent need.  


Through his partnership with Genesis Business Humanities, Mr. Tebele invests and incubates technology and biotech companies providing venture capital and structure.  


In 2022, Mr. Tebele formed AC Aviation, which owns, manages, and services corporate commercial aircraft.  


Charlie Tebele – Civic Engagement and Philanthropy   


Charlie is currently a director of the SAFE Foundation. SAFE is a community-based organization that helps individuals and their families that are experiencing difficulties with drug, alcohol, and gambling problems. 


Through his work with the SAFE foundation, Mr. Tebele spearheaded the formation of the Mindful Eating Project, a not-for-profit that assists individuals and families dealing with eating disorders. The Mindful Eating Project provides therapy, outpatient services, case management, education, and workshops in an effort to tackle this serious and growing problem. The Mindful Eating Project is funded entirely by philanthropy and does not charge for any of its services.  


Tebele also serves as a director of the New York City Economic Development Corporation. He is deeply involved in community affairs, helping local governments connect with their communities and creating unique partnerships to communicate their initiatives.  


Charlie and his wife, Nancy, live in New York and have five children. 

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